BUGAMRAYA is an abbreviation of Kubu, Teluk Bogam, Keraya, East Sabuai, and Sabuai, the name of villages and areas that have exotic beaches along the coastline of Kotawaringin Barat regency.

Popular for seafood cuisine, fresh coconuts and local weekend getaway destinations with picnics or camping, BUGAMRAYA beaches represent an authentic panorama of the northern part of the Java Sea.

For domestic and international tourists who come to Kotawaringin Barat, these beaches are the best choice to relax after an adventurous rainforest trip to Tanjung Puting National Park, and of course to enjoy the delicious local seafood fiesta.

The beach of Keraya

Swimming is the least recommended activity to do because it is along the coastal coast which is famous for its muddy water from the surrounding mangrove forest. Blessing on the other hand, the mangrove-mud beach is a natural process controlled by tides and waves and creates a healthy beach system for fish, shrimps, even crabs. No wonder the seafood products from these beaches are incredibly delicious!

Feel the warm breezes of the tropical island of Borneo, while enjoying the fantastic cuisine and comfort of this retreat.