Indonesia tourism CHSE protocols stand for Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental sustainability. CHSE has been implemented in the tourism and creative economy sectors in Indonesia since September 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

CHSE was issued by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy in line with the Decree of the Minister of Health on Protocols in Public Places and Facilities in the Context of Prevention and Control of COVID-19.

The aim is to increase efforts to prevent and control COVID-19 for the public in public places and tourism facilities in order to prevent the occurrence of new epicenters or clusters during the pandemic.

  1. Handwashing facility

    Cleanliness (C)

  • Washing hands with soap/hand sanitizer
  • Availability of hand washing facilities with soap
  • Safe and appropriate cleaning of public spaces and items with disinfectants/other cleaning liquids
  • Free from vectors and disease-carrying animals
  • Cleaning toilet facilities
  • Cleaning the bins
  1. Health (H)
  • Avoid physical contact, maintain a safe distance, prevent crowds
  • Do not touch your face, eyes, nose, mouth
  • Body temperature check
  • Wear the required PPE
  • Implement cough and sneeze etiquette Clean and hygienic food and beverage management
  • Simple medical equipment and supplies
  • Public spaces and work spaces with good air circulation
  • Handling for visitors who experience health problems when carrying out activities on site.

    temperature checking

  1. Safety (S)
  • Disaster escape procedures
  • Availability of first aid kit
  • Availability of fire extinguishers
  • Availability of gathering points and evacuation routes
  • Make sure electronic devices are turned off when leaving the room
  • Media and communication mechanisms for dealing with emergencies
  1. Environmental Sustainability (E)
  • Use of environmentally friendly equipment and materials
  • Efficient and healthy use of water and energy sources to maintain a balanced ecosystem
  • Waste and liquid waste treatment is carried out comprehensively, healthy and environmentally friendly
  • The surrounding environment is beautiful and comfortable, both natural and technically engineered
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of guidelines and SOPs for the Implementation of Hygiene, Health, Occupational Safety, and Environmental Sustainability

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